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Oct 10, 2012

Nokia Belle FP2 Update Available Once Again

Owners of a Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 701, 700, and 603 device can now download and install the Belle FP2 update on their handsets once again.

The update was made available for all these mobile phones a few weeks ago, yet Nokia pulled it soon after, supposedly due to a series of issues that have been found to affect users’ experience. Today, however, the update is available once again, and those who will head to the Software Updater app on their handsets should see it up for download. The OS upgrade is being released only days after Nokia also made available for download a new version of the Nokia Music application for the platform, one that is compatible with Belle FP2 as well. The new firmware is available through the Nokia Suite application for Windows PCs as well, and users can install it using this method, if they like to. However, it is possible that not all regions will receive the new software right from the start, since Nokia is usually rolling new firmware to users in phases.

Even so, all owners of one of the aforementioned mobile phones should get the chance to install the Belle FP2 update within the next several weeks or so. According to All About Symbian, the update has been released for almost all unlocked devices out there, as well as for some of those available for purchase on networks of specific wireless carriers. Some of the changes that the new update brings along include a new flavor of the web browser with better support for HTNL5, updated widgets, and a new version of the Music Player, with an updated UI that includes artist tabs and new icons in the notification bar. Additionally, the Belle FP2 update brings a swipe to unlock shade effect on the lockscreen, lighter color schemes by default, new keyboard layout, and various other new features and enhancements.

Nokia Belle FP2 update
Image credits to All About Symbian


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