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Oct 11, 2012

Nokia Concludes Trial of City Lens for Symbian and MeeGo

Today, the Nokia Beta Labs team announced that the beta trial for the Nokia City Lens for Symbian and MeeGo devices has been concluded.

Moving forth, the focus will remain on the development of the augmented reality (AR) application for devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. This move was somehow expected, given the fact that Nokia did say several weeks back that it would no longer update City Lens for Symbian and MeeGo, and that support for the Belle refresh smartphones would not be added to the application. “Nokia Beta Labs followers will know that City Lens has been one of our most well received new applications,” the Nokia City Lens team at Nokia Beta Labs noted. “People all over the world have recognized it as an exciting way to view what’s available to see and do in their immediate surroundings and reviewers have praised its ease of use.”

Moreover, the team notes that the feedback received from users has proved great both for bringing enhancements to the Symbian and N9 versions of the app, and for the development of the Windows Phone flavor. “This feedback also proved to be very helpful to us when we started working on Windows Phone, the platform on which we are dedicated to creating a third ecosystem in smartphones and the one we intend to provide the best-in class location-based experiences on,” the team notes. The application is expected to prove highly popular on devices running under Windows Phone, this being the main reason for which the focus switches to bringing enhancements to this app release.

Those who have already downloaded and installed Nokia City Lens on their Symbian and MeeGo devices will be able to continue using the app, the team of developers also said. However, as mentioned above, there will be no support for the Belle refresh. “We continue to forge ahead on City Lens for Windows Phone and we believe that AR will be a critical component of the mobile future as a technology that helps users get the most out of their geographical location,” the team concluded.

Nokia City Lens
Image credits to Nokia Beta Labs


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