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Nov 6, 2012

Galaxy Nexus With Android 4.2 Core Apps

Ever since Google has made the new Android 4.2 operating system and Nexus 4 official last week, users have been wondering when the new OS and its pack of goodies would arrive on other devices as well.

For Galaxy Nexus owners, that day has come, though not through the official channels. Courtesy of a leaked Nexus 4 system dump, various applications have been extracted and made available for the older device. At the moment, all Android 4.2 core applications are available for last year’s Google phone, including Gmail, Maps, Calendar and the like, as well as the latest Google Wallet release.

Those who would like to take them for a spin will be able to find the needed .apk files up for download on the web, courtesy of @KillDroidHack who extracted them and XDA-Developers forum members who repackaged them.

Galaxy Nexus
image credits to Google


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