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Nov 22, 2012

Nokia Transport Updated for Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and 8

The Finnish handset maker Nokia has just announced that it has updated its Transport mobile application for Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and 8.

In fact, the application has received a major update for Windows Phone 8 platform, whereas Windows Phone 7 and Symbian users will be able to download and install new beta versions of Nokia Transport. Both Windows Phone 7 and 8 versions of the application have received important UI improvements, which makes Nokia Transport more intuitive and easier to use. Moreover, devs added a new segment map that is said to provide a detailed map view for each part of a route the user chooses to follow. For those users who like to plan in advance, Nokia introduced a new feature that allows them to enter a date when they want to meet their friends, along with a departure time to view the route options. Select the preferred route and the application will let you know when you need to leave from home, which station you need to get to and the transport you need to catch in order to reach to the meeting place in time.

Nokia has added more features that will enable Transport app users to choose to display distance in miles or kilometers, as well as the latest info on departure times. According to devs, “Nokia Transport for Windows Phone now makes it easier to find your previous destinations and lets you easily delete your destination history if you prefer to keep it clean.” The beta version of Nokia Transport for Symbian has been improved with a better user experience and search function. Moreover, the application has received the ability to get coverage update OTA (over the air). Keep in mind that the Windows Phone 8 application is now available for download via Windows Phone Store, whereas Symbian and Windows Phone 7 users can grab their versions via Nokia Beta Labs.

Nokia Transport
Image credits to Nokia

Read more at http://nokia.ly/Y63gun.

Building on its smart, easy-to-use interface, Nokia Transport (v 3.0) for Windows Phone 8 introduces new features to make it even easier to simply glance and go. A new segment map provides a detailed map view for each part of your route that orients to where you are and shows where you need to be next. What's more, Nokia Transport lets you look at future routes and departure times, so you can plan ahead for your trip across town.
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