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Dec 16, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Keyboard Explained [Video]

Less than two months from today, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion will make its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system official, along with the first devices to arrive on shelves with this platform loaded on them.

Before that, however, the company appears set to provide users with some info on what the new operating system will be able to offer to them. Today, the company published a new video online, this time detailing some of the features that BlackBerry 10’s keyboard will arrive on shelves with. The clip can be seen at the bottom of this article. The video features Vivek Bhardwaj, RIM’s head of Software Portfolio, who shows why BlackBerry 10 will be able to provide users with an unmatched typing experience on their devices. “He explained that we not only wanted to design the keyboard to be BlackBerry visually, but also to show the thought we’ve put into innovations in touch screen typing,” a post on the Inside BlackBerry blog reads. “At BlackBerry Jam Americas he told me that his favorite feature was the ability to switch between languages. Now, he’s got a new favorite – the spacebar.”

According to RIM, the keyboard in BB10 was designed to automatically add spaces between words even if the user forgot to press the space key. Thus, users will continue typing the text they wanted to write, without having to interrupt, go back and add the spaces. The overall experience should be much smoother this way, RIM says. Furthermore, the company reminded us that it also plans on bringing to the market a series of BlackBerry 10 smartphones that will sport physical QWERTY keyboards, just as most of the existing models from the company do. “And for those of you who love a physical keyboard, we’ll have both full touch and QWERTY models for BlackBerry 10,” the aforementioned blog post continues. What other features and capabilities the upcoming BB10 smartphones will have to offer, it remains to be seen. Just sit tight and wait for the official announcement.

BlackBerry 10's keyboard
Image credits to Youtube

The keyboard for BlackBerry 10 is designed to be fast and intuitive. It's built with innovative  technology that makes typing on BlackBerry 10 easy -- even with one hand. Vivek Bhardwaj demos in key word prediction, multi-language support and his new favorite feature a space bar that can automatically correct misses.
Video credits to BlackBerry


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