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Dec 17, 2012

Nokia Juggernaut Spotted Next to Lumia 820 in Video

Juggernaut is one of the names that emerged online a few times before in relation to Nokia’s plans for the Windows Phone 8 platform, and which has been attached to a device that can be seen in the video below at the 8:15 mark.

The device is running under Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system flavor, though it seems that it will never be launched on the market. The reason for that is a very simple one, according to Igor Shastitko from Microsoft Ukraine, who presents Nokia’s devices in the video. Apparently, Juggernaut was the codename for Lumia 820 while it was in the development phase, and was never planned for an official launch. As can be seen in the video, Juggernaut is much larger than the Lumia 820, apparently due to the fact that Nokia wanted to hide its actual size from the public. The prototype appears to have a 4.7-inch or larger screen, but it would boast the same 800 x 480 pixel resolution as the Lumia 820, which would not make it a great display, that’s for sure.

The phone also shows prototype marker on the side, as well as the same older Windows Phone logo and large bezel that were spotted in a leaked photo only last week. This further confirms that it was only a development unit, and that Nokia will never bring it to shelves, just as Igor Shastitko reportedly says in the video. However, this does not mean that Nokia might not plan the release of smartphones with larger touchscreen displays than Lumia 920’ 4.5-inch panel. The company is committed to prove that it can deliver great devices to its users, and it might be set to pack future Windows Phone 8 handsets with specs and capabilities that would rival with what Android phones have to offer at the moment in terms of hardware specs.

Nokia Juggernaut next to Lumia 820
Image credits to Youtube

Video credits to iwalker2000


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