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Dec 4, 2012

RIM Announces BBM Money Service in Indonesia, Enables BlackBerry Users to Transfer Money

With the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, Research In Motion (RIM) hopes to turn the tides in its favor and stop its decline in the smartphone market.

However, with a new mobile platform come new adjacent services which are meant to add to the productivity of the operating system and improve users’ overall experience. Several weeks ago, RIM announced that its popular BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service would receive a new important feature called BBM Voice. With BBM Voice, users would be able to make free calls to other BBM contacts over Wi-Fi. Moreover, a BBM Video Chat will also be added as soon as BlackBerry 10 OS goes official. Still, RIM will simply not stop here as the Canadian company plans to enter the e-commerce market with new services. Given the fact that RIM is known for the tight security of its services, customers may be lured to choose them over others that are well-established on the e-commerce market.

In this regard, BBC News reports that the Canadian company has just announced the availability of a new peer-to-peer money transfer service in Indonesia. The new service is called BBM Money and enables BlackBerry users to transfer money among them quickly and more secure. Although the new money transaction service is only available in Indonesia, RIM is expected to expand the availability of BBM Money to additional countries in the following weeks. “Indonesia is very important for RIM… It’s a huge market for us – and it is a market that has grown significantly over the last few years… So we are offering a new innovation – BBM Money which will be launched in Indonesia – first in the world – shortly. It is a peer-to-peer transfer service that anyone with a BlackBerry phone can use to transfer funds to someone else with a BlackBerry phone,” said Hastings Singh, RIM’s managing director of South Asia operations.

BBM Money in Indonesia with PermataBank Support
Image credits to RIM


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