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Dec 11, 2012

RIM Updates BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS to

Today, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion has announced the availability of the gold flavor of its BlackBerry 10 development toolkit, which appears to have been complemented by the release of a new software update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS.

Pushed to developer devices as version (or 10.0.9 Bundle 1675, as RIM calls it), the new flavor of BlackBerry 10 OS for Dev Alpha handsets brings along a series of bug fixes and other enhancements. However, no new features have been included in the package, which suggests that RIM pushed it out mainly to ensure full compatibility with the aforementioned gold flavor of the development tools. The release notes for the new BlackBerry OS version 10.0.9 Bundle 1675 show the following fixes:

  • In some instances, if you connected your BlackBerry device to another device using an HDMI cable, the audio did not behave as expected.
  • If you changed your mobile network settings so that your device connected to a 2G mobile network (such as GSM), a cell broadcast message might have displayed on your device every two or three minutes.
  • Pictures added to contacts on the BlackBerry device were not synchronized to Microsoft Outlook.
  • In some instances while playing media files, audio might have been clipped for a fraction of a second.
  • Time settings may not have been updated if you changed the time zone in the Date and Time settings.

As usual, there are also a series of yet unresolved issues in the OS, yet RIM appears to be aware of them, which means that they might get a fix in the not-too-distant future as well. Developers interested in learning more info on how to update their BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices should head over to this page on RIM’s website. Before proceeding with the update, developers are encouraged to back up all data on their devices, so as to make sure that no important files are lost. The update can be performed only via Windows computers, as Mac OS X is not supported for the time being.

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