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Dec 13, 2012

This is How to Install Windows Phone 7.8 on Lumia Devices from NaviFirm

Today, the Windows Phone 7.8 platform has been spotted in NaviFirm for Nokia’s devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 OS, suggesting that it should not be too long before users receive it officially.

However, those who would like to update their smartphones before that happens can already do so, by following a series of rather simple, though risky steps. The update has emerged for Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Lumia 610 devices, as well as for the cheaper Lumia 510 smartphone. The update process is recommended only for users with advanced knowledge of NaviFirm and with previous experience on updating the device using unofficial methods. For starters, we should note that users will need to have two apps installed on their Windows computers, namely Nokia Care Suite and NaviFirm Plus (download links available below).

Following the installation of these apps, users will need to make sure that they also have the necessary drivers installed on the computers, so as to make sure that the machine will recognize the smartphone when it is connected. The Windows Phone 7.8 ROM can be downloaded through the NaviFirm Plus. Simply select the device from the list, and then choose to download the latest firmware available for it (it should be the last item in the list in the middle, labeled 1750.823.8858.12460 for Lumia 800, for example). Then, select the appropriate file for your device version from the third window and hit the download button. As soon as the download is completed, you can install it on the device through the Nokia Care Suite. For that, you will need to go to C: \ ProgramData \ Nokia \ Packages, and create a new folder labeled “Products.” Make a new folder inside it, name it as the specific model number of your device (e.g.: RM-801 for Lumia 800, RM-808 or RM-823 for Lumia 900, RM-803 or RM-809 for Lumia 710, etc).

Inside this folder, place the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM that you have previously downloaded through the NaviFirm Plus application. According to plaffo, it should be in this folder: “\ NaviFirm + 1.7 \ Fw \<product code>”. Then, connect the smartphone to the computer, fire up Nokia Care Suite, go to Product Support Tool, and select “Programming > Refurbish.” It should automatically detect the new update and prompt you to install it. Just keep in mind that flashing the update will completely wipe the data on your device. Perform a backup before proceeding, to make sure that no important files are lost. Although installing Windows Phone 7.8 might sound very appealing, users are advised to wait for the official update to be delivered to them. They will be the only ones held responsible, should anything go wrong during the installation process.

Download NaviFirm Plus

Installing Windows Phone 7.8 on Lumia devices
Images credits to plaffo


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