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Jul 15, 2012

Intel Distant Dream, Intel Valleyview and BayTrail CPUs

The next-generation Intel Atom CPUs and corresponding chipsets look nice on paper, but that is where they will stay for a while yet.

We're certain Intel will soon have some samples to play with, if it doesn't already, but the Valleyview chips and BayTrail platform won't be out until late 2013, according to “recent roadmaps” seen by VR-ZoneThat is actually rather strange, given the tune Intel has been trying to play over the past year. It used to be that the mobile attack would come in 2012, meaning that new Atoms would have appeared by now. Then, after MWC, it was said that IFA 2013 (February 25-28) would be the launch ground.

Now, though, there is a possibility that only the end of 2013 will bring the chips out, provided Intel doesn't leave things for 2014. A shame really, because the specs seem pretty nice. Bay Trail-T and Valleyview-T, even as mobile versions, will have LPDDR3 support and up to four cores. Go here to read more into the matter, such as the competition with ARM-based units.

Next-generation Intel Atom
Image credits to Intel


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