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Jan 1, 2013

GParted Live 0.14.1-6 Able to Boot on Windows 8 PCs

On December 28, 2012, Curtis Gedak had the pleasure of announcing a new stable release of the GParted Live CD operating system, which can be used for hard drive partitioning tasks.

Being based on the latest build (23-12-2012) of Debian Sid and powered by Linux kernel 3.2.35-2, the GParted Live CD 0.14.1-6 distribution brings the amazing and improved GParted 0.14.1 application, and a handful of improvements. However, the biggest feature of the GParted Live CD 0.14.1-6 Linux operating system is that it can now be booted from newer Windows 8 machines, thanks to the support for the uEFI firmware. “The GParted team is proud to announce a new stable release of GParted Live. The big news with this release is the added ability to boot the live image on uEFI firmware computers, while maintaining boot ability on traditional PC/BIOS computers. This means that GParted Live can now boot on newer Windows 8 computers.” “In addition to supporting uEFI firmware, two more GNU/Linux operating system images have been released: i686-PAE (Physical Address Extension) and AMD64 (X86-64). These new images permit addressing more than 4 gigabytes of RAM, and enable using multiple processor cores.” said Curtis Gedak in the official release announcement.

The Gparted Live CD is a bare-bones Linux distribution designed with a single purpose in mind, get GParted working. Everything is set up to allow users to boot up from a CD or USB and be able to use GParted to manage a system's disks. GParted Live 0.14.1-6 is distributed as minimal Live ISO images, supporting both 32-bit (PAE) and 64-bit architectures. The new ISO images support more than 4 GB of RAM and processors with multiple cores.

Download GParted LiveCD 0.14.1-6 (ISO) 32-bit [133 MB] via Sourceforge
Download GParted LiveCD 0.14.1-6 (ISO) 64-bit [134 MB] via Sourceforge

GParted Live CD
Image credits to DistroWatch


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