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Jan 9, 2013

Nano Tru SIM for iPhone 5 Supports Multiple Numbers, Worldwide Coverage

The folks at Truphone today announced the availability of their Nano Tru SIM for iPhone 5 and iPad minis with cellular capabilities. The hardware enables iDevice owners to roam free with multiple numbers and uninterrupted cellphone coverage worldwide.

 Now available in nano SIM format, the Nano Tru SIM enables millions of iPhone 5 and iPad mini users to “connect and communicate in and between more than 200 countries - without the pain of paying extraordinary high roaming fees while traveling abroad,” according to the people at Truphone. The company is currently demonstrating its new product at the CES 2013 convention in Las Vegas hoping to attract as many customers as possible. For owners of an older-generation iPhone or iPad, there are micro SIM and standard SIM sizes available. The developers are trying to capitalize on the increasing penetration of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies within enterprise environments. The Tru SIM supports multiple subscriber identities, which means customers gain the cool ability to use multiple international phone numbers on a single iPhone.

The company says subscribers have one voice and text mailbox, over-the-air updates, access to customer service 24/7, and will receive a single bill. Marc LeMaitre, US vice president of Technical Sales, says, “Smartphones and tablets are getting smaller, lighter and more powerful.” “Manufacturers are focusing on the device aesthetics and user interface and we’re focusing on keeping those device owners connected - wherever they are,” says LeMaitre. “To add more power and functionality, smartphone and tablet manufacturers need to conserve space by making the internal components smaller,” according to the Truphone sales guy.

“The nano SIM does this without sacrificing any of the storage and functionality. While not too many people understand what a SIM card is, it is the heart and soul of any GSM mobile device and why it was important to Truphone to get ahead of this upcoming trend,” he explains.

Truphone promo
Image credits to Truphone


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