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Jan 3, 2013

Nokia Codenamed Catwalk for Lumia 920 Successor with Aluminum Unibody

The Lumia 920 was launched on the market just a few months ago and Nokia is already planning to replace it with another flagship smartphone.

The folks at The Verge claim that sources close to Nokia revealed the Finnish company will launch a new Windows Phone 8 device that with replace Lumia 920's polycarbonate body with an aluminum construction. The new devices is codenamed Catwalk and will be launched on the market later this year, though more details on the release date are likely to emerge after Mobile World Congress 2013 trade fair, at the end of February.

Aside from the fact that it will be lighter and thinner than the Lumia 920, no other info on the Nokia Catwalk leaked, but we will keep an eye out for this one so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Nokia Lumia 920
Image credits to Nokia


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