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Feb 27, 2013

Canonical and XDA Developers Looking for Official Partnership

After releasing Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview, Canonical is now doing what every other company should be doing, and that's getting in touch with the community.

The relationships between companies and the communities that spawn around the products have always been a little thin, with very few exceptions. Canonical has understood very quickly that if they want to succeed, they will have to court the XDA developers community and get their help. “I asked David Planella and Daniel Holbach on my team to kick off a regular engagement with XDA Developers to help us grow a great relationship together. The first call was today and we are kicking some ideas around of how to work more closely together,” stated Jono Bacon in a blog entry.

The XDA forums are now filled with people who want to port the new operating system to other devices, beside the one officially supported. An open partnership between Canonical and XDA would be beneficial to both parties.

XDA wallpaper
Image credits to xda-developers.com


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