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Feb 22, 2013

Cydia-like App Store for Jailbroken Windows RT Tablets in the Works

The Windows RT jailbreak tool has been around for a while, but the software developers behind this project are now working on a third-party app store that would allow users to download and run unsigned programs a lot easier.

Very similar to Cydia on iOS, the app store would basically host all recompiled applications that could run on a jailbroken Windows RT device. Such an application has already been released, but the developer quickly retired it due to a number of glitches. “The source code was just too embarrassing to share - too many kludge fixes on kludge fixes. I have now released a complete suite of all the apps, including a new appstore written from the ground up to be a lot more sensible,” he said.

And still, with so many users joining the jailbreak community, it’s only a matter of time before a full-featured app store for unlocked Windows RT devices sees daylight.

The app store would allow users to run unsigned code on Windows RT tablets
Image credits to Microsoft


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