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Feb 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Pad / Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging Plate Spotted at the FCC

Wireless charging is an oddball in the tech industry, since it uses electromagnetic waves to restore the energy of compatible gadgets but doesn't really allow for distance.

That is to say, wireless charging devices are basically small pads or plates that phones or other gadgets need to lie on for hours at a time. Still, the idea has merit in terms of removing the potential problem of insufficient power outlets for adapters. That said, the Federal Communications Commission has just approved the application for such a plate. Bearing Samsung's brand, it was made according to the Qi standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It has a distance of 40 mm (1.6 inches). It is composed of a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver. Magnetic induction will occur once a compatible gadget is placed on the white power transmission pad.

According to the documents published by the Federal Communications Commission, the Pad will arrive on shelves with a LED indicator, meant to notify users on the status of phone’s battery. As Techkiddy notes, a green led will blink while the phone is charging, and will remain on when the process is completed. Should there be an error during the charging process, a red led will start blinking. Rumor has it that Samsung might bring the Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy S III at the MWC 2013.

Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Pad/Samsung Qi pad
Image credits to FCC


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