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Feb 17, 2013

Ubuntu Phones OS Will Be Available for Download on February 21

Staying true to its word, Canonical has announced that the images and open source code for the Touch Developer Preview of Ubuntu would be published on Thursday, February 21, supporting the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 smartphones.

Canonical has explained that these images are available for developers and enthusiasts alike, allowing them to familiarize with the new Ubuntu Phone OS and to make applications for it. According to the developers, along with the operating system itself, a tool that can manage the flashing of the phone will be made available in the same day, which will make it easier to keep a device up to date with the latest version of the Touch Developer Preview. “Our platform supports a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions. Developers who have experience bringing up phone environments will find it relatively easy to port Ubuntu to current handsets.” “We look forward to adding support for additional devices for everyday testing and experimentation,” said Pat McGowan, who leads the integration effort that produced the images being released. Canonical’s launch will mark a milestone for Ubuntu operating system and takes the company a step closer to their major goal, to provide a single operating system that is capable of running on any given platform, TV, PC, or smartphones.

The company has already published a Preview SDK and App Design Guides to allow developers to create applications for the full range of Ubuntu platforms. “This release marks the threshold of wider engagement - both with industry and community. For developers, contributors and partners, there is now a coherent experience that warrants attention. The cleanest, most stylish mobile interface around,” says Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu. Ubuntu for Phones will use both webapps and native applications, in the same manner, and Canonical hopes to make them undistinguishable from each other. More details about this operating system will be made public after the Mobile World Congress from Barcelona.

Ubuntu phone at a bar
Image credits to Maichael Frey


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