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Feb 3, 2013

Windows 8 Pro Available for Only $15 (€11) Due to Unpatched Bug

Microsoft officially increased Windows 8 pricing on February 1, so consumers who now want to buy the Pro upgrade edition have to pay no more, no less than $199.99 (€146) for a license.

But even if the discount campaign ended a couple of days ago, a loophole in the Windows Upgrade Program allowed users to purchase Windows 8 Pro for only $15 (€11). Basically, the Windows Upgrade Program allows Windows 7 PCs buyers to make the move to Windows 8 at a special price. The strange thing is that anyone could actually register for the program because the online registration form didn’t actually check when a Windows 7 computer was purchased. TNW writes that this bug was first discovered in October, but Microsoft was yet to fix it on February 1 when the discount campaign for Windows 8 officially came to an end.

While we’ve heard that a lot of users had actually managed to exploit the loophole and buy a Windows 8 copy for only $15, Microsoft reacted very fast and patched the upgrade system to ask for a Windows 7 key. What’s more, consumers who attempt to register for the program without a genuine key are provided with a message saying they’re not eligible for the discount. “Unfortunately, based on the information you provided during the registration process you are not eligible for the upgrade offer,” the message reads according to the same source.

The upgrade offer expires on February 28, but those who want to purchase Windows 8 at the full price will have to pay $199.99 (€146) for the Pro upgrade version and $119.99 (€87) for the standard upgrade. The Windows 8 Pro Pack comes with a new price as well, so you’ll need an extra $99.99 (€73) for this one too. Last but not least, the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, previously available at absolutely no cost for those who already purchased the new operating system, is currently sold for $9.99 (€7.3).

The program now asks for information about the purchased Windows 7 PC
Image credits to Microsoft


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