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Feb 19, 2013

Windows 9 Spotted Online, Launch Date Might be Next Year

Even though the company prefers to remain completely tight-lipped on its future projects, here’s yet another indication that a Windows 8 successor is currently under development.

A post on MicrosoftPortal.net points to a screenshot that shows a new Windows build using kernel 6.3, which according to previous reports, may see daylight on Windows 9. Windows 8, the latest operating system unveiled by Microsoft, relies on kernel 6.2 and is labeled as build 9200, which means that some sort of upgrade is definitely in the works.

While nobody can guarantee that this is indeed an early version of Windows 9, it’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is working on something new in the Windows product range, so a major release beside the Windows Blue upgrade is very likely to hit the shelves sometime next year.

Windows 9 may be released sometime next year
Image credits to MicrosoftPortal.net


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