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Feb 24, 2013

Windows Blue Public Beta Coming

Even though it was initially rumored that Microsoft won’t release a testing version of the upcoming Windows Blue, sources familiar with the matter now hint that a public beta is very likely to see daylight in the coming months.

According to reports published by Win8China, Microsoft is working on a preview build of the Blue update that would be offered to all users as a free download. Since the first major Windows 8 makeover is expected to hit the shelves this summer, the preview version is very likely to be unveiled in just a couple of months, as Microsoft needs time to collect and analyze the feedback it receives.

Windows Blue won’t come as a standalone operating system, but only as a major update for Windows 8, with many people calling it “the first service pack” for Microsoft’s new Windows contraption.

The Blue update is expected this summer
Image credits to hdwallpapers.in


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