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Feb 20, 2013

Windows RT Jailbreak Tool 1.13a

A new version of the popular Windows RT jailbreak tool is now available for download, as XDA developers updated the software to work with the latest Microsoft fixes.

While version 1.13a only brings minor tweaks to “return from the hook in a way that seems more robust,” according to user Netham45, the 1.12a release is a lot more important, as it makes the jailbreak possible even after applying the new updates released by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday.

In addition, the 1.13 build brings “ability to dynamically get the signing level. It now requires internet on the first launch, and after an update changes ntoskrnl.exe.” Surprisingly, jailbreaking Windows RT platforms is still possible these days, even though Microsoft hinted more than one month ago that it could block further attempts sometime in the near future.

The jailbreak allows users to run unsigned code on Windows RT tablets
Image credits to Microsoft


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