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Apr 18, 2013

BlackBerry 10.1 New Features and Improvements, Here Are Some

BlackBerry is expected to launch a new version of its OS 10 operating system in the coming months and the Canadian company has already released the BlackBerry 10.1 SDK.

Developers will have time to analyze the new features and improvements that BlackBerry intends to bring in OS 10.1 update and offer their feedback. The folks over at CrackBerry rounded up a short list of new features included in BlackBerry 10.1C SDK, which is only aimed at developers. Check out below some of the changes that are currently taken into consideration of the first major BlackBerry 10 update:

  • HDR option for taking photos;
  • PIN to PIN messaging now available and present in the BlackBerry Hub;
  • APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based);
  • 'Highlights" for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green, instead of blue;
  • 'Text Picker' has been improved, now allows for easily moving left and right between letters easier;
  • Sharing menu is now black, just like on the BlackBerry Q10;
  • New help demos and walkthroughs after initial boot;
  • Select All for broadcast messages is now available;
  • Ability to turn off alerts for specific applications;
  • Easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World;
  • Phone can be fully unlocked at lock screen now by the power button;
  • BlackBerry World now has options for coupon redemption;
  • Pasting of phone numbers directly into dialpad;
  • Installed apps can be opened from with BlackBerry World (No longer shows 'installed' now shows 'open').

However, keep in mind that this list contains only a fraction of what’s to come in BlackBerry 10.1, so there may be other new features that have not been mentioned yet. It’s also important to understand that this list of changes is not final, as BlackBerry has already stated some of these features might be dropped, while others may be heavily modified. For more details on each of the changes in the list, head over to CrackBerry’s forum site. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

BlackBerry 10 logo
Image credits to RIM


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