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Apr 23, 2013

Complete List of Intel Haswell 4th-Gen CPU Family Specifications and Prices

During the past few months, there have been plenty of rumors and leaks about Intel's next generation of desktop and laptop central processing units.

The information was sporadic though. Not exactly tallied into a nice table that everyone could use as a reference. Fortunately, the folks at VR-Zone Chinese have something of the sort, made of new and old information. The table above holds the specifications of the desktop Haswell CPUs, as well as their retail box prices. Not the low TDPs, compared to current and previous-generation processors (64W and 84W).

Intel will, of course, ship them in 1,000-unit tray quantities as well, to OEMs (makers of custom PCs), but the DIY market will, of course, get its own supply. The prices are those in the US, excluding taxes, which means the final retail tags will be a bit higher.

Intel Haswell CPU specification and price list
Image credits to Chinese VR-Zone


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