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Apr 16, 2013

Jolla to Announce Its First Smartphone in Early May, Customers Get to Choose Design

It looks like Jolla is finally ready to unleash its first smartphone on the market. Antti Saarnio, Jolla Chairman, has just confirmed his company will make the official announcement in early May.

According to MyNokiaBlog, Jolla will kick off pre-orders for its first smartphone in mid-May and they will also act as funding for the phone’s manufacture. More importantly, customers who pre-order the smartphone will get to choose what it will look like. It appears that there will be several pricing options that customers will be able to choose from, but more details will be available close to launch.

There’s more to it, as Jolla has also confirmed all pre-ordered smartphones will come with “something unique … special … which will not be available otherwise.” For more details on Jolla’s upcoming smartphone, head over to the original article (translated).

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