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Apr 8, 2013

More Google Babel’s Evidence Exist

One of the new features / applications that Google is expected to make official on devices running under its Android operating system is Google Babel, which is said to be nothing more than a rebranded, redesigned Google+ Messenger, and some more evidence on its existence is now available.

We have already had the chance to have a look at purported leaked screenshots with the Android application, followed by info on its possible arrival at Google I/O in May, which might pan out in the end. As a recent post on Android Police notes, Google Babel has appeared in a recent notification in Gmail, and in a post on Google+ by Roga Moore, who pointed at it being mentioned in relation to a Google code issue found in video chat.

Apparently, the application is also set to arrive in the Google Play Store as well, on this page, though the link will go live only after Google Babel has been officially unveiled.

Alleged Google Babble photo
Image credits to Skloink


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