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Apr 21, 2013

New Windows 8.1/Blue Version Gets Leaked, Build 9374 Available for Download

Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft continues work on the new Windows iteration, so a brand new version of the internally codenamed Blue project got leaked.

Windows 8.1/Blue build 9374 is now available for download from file sharing websites, as Microsoft has recently sent this particular release to partners across the world for testing purposes. While it's not yet clear if build 9374 brings any improvements over the previous versions, it's pretty obvious that we're getting closer to a public beta of the operating system that could see daylight sometime this summer. According to sources familiar with the matter, Windows 8.1 is expected to hit the shelves in August or September, while the public beta might be unveiled to developers at the BUILD conference in June.

Windows 8.1 would most likely bring quite a lot of improvements to Microsoft's current flagship operating system, including a Start button that's supposed to help the new software appeal to many more users.

Build 9374 is expected to bring several improvements to the Windows 8.1 preview version
Image credits to WinClub.pl


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