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Apr 12, 2013

Nokia’s Double Tap to Awake Showcased [Video]

One of the features that Nokia’s Lumia phones have been rumored to receive in the not too distant future is the ability to wake up the device through double tapping on its screen when in sleep mode.

The feature was previously said to arrive in a future software update for Windows Phone 8 Lumia handsets, and it has already been spotted out there, WPCentral reports. In fact, the news site also shot a video to showcase the feature, and you can have a look at it above. According to them, the update will arrive on devices as firmware PR2.0 and will bring some other enhancements as well, including an optional always-on clock.

A “Smart Camera” feature is also expected to arrive on Lumia smartphones as part of the update, some sort of a Lens app, similar with Smart Shoot, but with more options packed inside.

Double tap to awake and an on-screen clock are just 2 of the new features coming to the Nokia's Lumia devices. Here's a sneak peek. http://www.wpcentral.com/exclusive-look-nokia-double-tap-awake-clock-lumia-920
Video credits to WMExperts


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