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Apr 29, 2013

Unannounced Samsung SHW-M550S Receives Bluetooth Approvals

A new Samsung device has been spotted over at the Bluetooth SIG, featuring model number SHW-M550S, but with no official info available on it as of now.

The device, however, has been found to arrive on shelves with support for W-CDMA / GSM frequencies, though it seems that no LTE capabilities will be included in it. The phone will also pack Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities when launched, and is expected to hit shelves at wireless carrier SK Telecom in South Korea.

Furthermore, a recent article on Ameblo notes that Samsung is also working on the development of a SHW-M550K model of the device, which should hit the market in the country at KT. The unannounced Samsung device has received the necessary approvals from Bluetooth SIG on April 28, yet specific info on when it might be officially launched hasn’t been unveiled as of now.

Samsung SHW-M550S at Bluetooth SIG
Image credits to Bluetooth SIG


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