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Jun 12, 2013

Buffalo BSCR16UD2, Small Card Reader Whose USB Port Doesn't Need Direction

USB 3.0 ports, like more or less all USB ports really, have one side that always needs to be facing up. It's all because of the way the pins need to be aligned, so the port is designed in a way that prevents accidental mis-plugging.

Buffalo decided its BSCR16UD2 card reader should be above such pedestrian concerns though. To that end, the card reader has a USB port that works just fine whether it is upside-down or not. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor advantage really. But every little bit helps.

The price of the BSCR16UD2 card reader is $13, which corresponds to €9.79 – 13. The best part is that the little item can read 45 different card formats. You just need to plug whatever cards you have in either of the three small compartments, like you would a card in an ATM.

Buffalo USB card reader
Image credits to Buffalo


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