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Jun 24, 2013

Windows 8.1 Preview Metro File Manager Details Leaked

Microsoft will finally introduce a Metro file manager in Windows 8.1 Preview that will allow users to control not only locally-stored data, but also files saved in the cloud.

New details reveal that the SkyDrive app won’t automatically sync all SkyDrive files to the PC, but instead download what are being called placeholders to let you quickly access them. “These small files look like the full file and have thumbnails and metadata, but they take a tiny fraction of the disk pace of the full file,” Microsoft explains in the leaked info.

Once you try to open a placeholder, the application automatically downloads the full file in the background, thus saving space on the disk. In addition, new options will mark the file as available in offline mode, which means that users can access them without an Internet connection.

SkyDrive is a file manager for locally-stored files and items saved in the cloud
Image credits to mydigitallife.info


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