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Jul 3, 2013

2013 iPhone Will Also Ship in Blue [Leaked Photo]

Every day for the past week or so, a new “budget” iPhone leak has been reported. Today, we can feast our eyes on the latest tidbit out of France’s nowhereelse.fr, which is flashing a new batch of 2013 iPhone cases.

At this point, the low-cost 2013 iPhone seems all but confirmed. All the leaks seem to support one another, and the latest one showing the phone’s plastic enclosure has given birth to a bunch of renderings that possibly show the end product. But there’s one new kid on the block in the image displayed above, courtesy of the aforementioned French blog.

The blue case to the right seems to be of the exact shape and size as the other cases (which we’ve seen in previous leaks), and that includes the metal parts inside which supposedly house the motherboard and other electronics that make up the iPhone.

Purported "budget" iPhone cases
Image credits to nowhereelse.fr


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