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Jul 21, 2013

Apple is Reportedly Making Two Different iPhones with Plastic Casings

According to a new leak, Apple is developing two versions of its rumored budget iPhone in parallel. Both have pretty much the same specs, except for the connectivity department.

A leaked internal document from Cupertino reveals that both models, codenamed Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone internally, will sport the same 4-inch display (likely Retina), “but the difference will be in the processor and connectivity options,” according to PhoneArena.

The blog says the Zenvo phone is “the slightly more affordable one.” The reason? A ‘H5P dual-core processor,’ 1GB of RAM and supports FDD 4G connectivity. The Zagato/Bertone model will have support for TDD 4G LTE and an ‘H6P’ processor, which is probably a designation for a different version of Apple’s A-series processor powering the handsets. The latter is said to be the Chinese plastic iPhone.

Budget iPhone mockup
Image credits to pcadvisor.co.uk


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