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Jul 23, 2013

Canonical's Ubuntu Edge Phone Will Run Windows Office Apps

Canonical has announced its next generation phone, Ubuntu Edge, and users now have a general understanding of the product, but one feature has been grossly overlooked.

Ubuntu Edge will be the first product to achieve true convergence between PC and a mobile device, if the crowd-funding project presided by Canonical succeeds. Beyond the great technical specifications and the dual-boot option between Android and Ubuntu OS, another interesting feature has gone relatively unnoticed.

“For enterprise users who are already running their desktop in the cloud, here’s something amazing. Ubuntu for Android even supports thin-client access to cloud-hosted Windows applications like Microsoft Office,” stated Leann Ogasaware, the leader of the Ubuntu kernel team for Canonical. If this features manages to garner enough support, it might inspire other companies to follow their lead and realize more than a simple convergence.

Ubuntu for Android
Image credits to Canonical


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