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Jul 28, 2013

Moto X to Pack Laminated Aluminum Structure, Moto Magic Glass

Moto X, the upcoming new Android-based smartphone from mobile phone maker Motorola, is expected to become official on August 1 with some appealing design features packed inside, some of the latest reports on the matter suggest.

Apparently, the company is set to include a certain Moto Magic Glass with the new handset, which is nothing else than a single layer of Gorilla Glass molded to a special polymer and wrapped around the screen and edges of the phone. Furthermore, the handset is said to sport a laminated aluminum structure, which would offer a lightweight but durable design, info coming from Taylor Wimberly unveils.

Another interesting feature of the smartphone is said to be the addition of Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas, presumably set to deliver a fast 4G LTE connectivity experience to all users. Overall, the Moto X will feature five antennas: 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS, and Bluetooth and WiFi, as droid-life notes.

Moto X
Image credits to @evleaks


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