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Jul 7, 2013

Motorola DROID MAXX Leaked Press Photo Emerges

Mobile phone maker Motorola is reportedly getting ready for the launch of a new series of smartphones on the network of wireless carrier Verizon, and a recently leaked press shot appears meant to provide us with a glimpse at one of them, namely the so-called Motorola DROID MAXX.

The image emerged online courtesy of @evleaks, which claims that the phone will feature the model number XT1080M. Given that Motorola is also expected to release a certain DROID Ultra at Verizon, with model number XT1080 attached, the DROID MAXX is supposedly set to arrive as an extended battery version of it.

Two other Motorola smartphones are expected to land at Big Red soon, namely the DROID Mini (XT1030) and Moto X (XT1060), although no official confirmation on the matter has emerged until now.

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