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Jul 11, 2013

Nokia's New Pro Camera Application Emerges in Leaked Screenshots

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 smartphone, the Windows Phone 8 device that should become official today, is expected to arrive on shelves with a 41-megapixel photo snapper and with a new camera application loaded on it.

Screenshots showing the software have already emerged online. The new app is expected to be called Nokia Pro Camera, said photos available courtesy of Vizileaks unveil. Furthermore, they show a radial menu-like interface that will deliver fast access to options such as white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed, and other settings, all of which should be fully detailed later today.

In the meantime, we should note that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is as good as confirmed for AT&T, as it has emerged on the carrier’s YouTube channel in no less than three videos that showcased features such as 6x zoom, low-light performance and Pro Camera user interface, and OIS, as The Verge notes.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Pro Camera
Image credits to ViziLeaks via The Verge


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