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Jul 31, 2013

Samsung Found to Tweak Galaxy S4 Benchmark Scores

Galaxy S4, Samsung’s latest Android-based flagship has managed to deliver impressive benchmarking results even before it became officially available for purchase, but it seems that things might not be as great as believed.

In fact, a recent article on AnandTech claims that Samsung is performing some simple tricks on the device, all meant to boost the phone’s performance when a benchmarking application is launched, thus improving the overall score. To be more precise, the handset has been found to contain code that would boost its frequency for testing purposes, showing increased CPU and GPU performance levels. The news site claims to have been testing an Exynos 5 Octa-based model when finding this out.

Said code specifically mentioned benchmarks such as AnTuTu, Quadrant, linpack, Benchmark Pi, and more, with a certain boost_mode file on the smartphone being activated as soon as any of them is launched.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Image credits to Samsung


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