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Jul 4, 2013

Samsung to Launch Only One Tizen OS Smartphone

Tizen OS, the mobile operating system that Samsung has been working on for quite some time now, the successor of bada, will live only a short life, recent reports on the matter suggest.

The South Korean vendor was recently said to have delayed the launch of its first Tizen smartphone, but it seems that things might actually be worse than that. “Tizen is almost dead. It isn't delay. That's cancel of the whole project. I doubt that samsung will launch more than one device for 2014,” mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin states in a recent tweet.

Apparently, the lack of a powerful app ecosystem for this mobile OS could have determined Samsung to drop it altogether, though at least one device powered by it will still arrive on the market, it seems.  However, the above is only speculation at the moment, with no official confirmation on the matter available.

Tizen OS
Image credits to SamMobile


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