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Aug 15, 2013

All Hopes on Windows 8.2 for a Full-Featured Start Button

Windows 8.1 is just around the corner and it’s pretty obvious by now that Microsoft’s new Start button won’t do anything else besides taking users to the Start screen.

Windows 8 adopters, on the other hand, call for Microsoft to either bring back the traditional Start button and a Start Menu, or improve the existing version. Of course, all hopes are on the next Windows 8 update, presumably called Windows 8.2, which could feature several other major improvements. “The designers of the ‘reintroduced’ Start button must have realized they weren't really giving us what we had asked for. I half suspect they purposefully left out a "hide Start button" option so that when we inevitably ask for the option to go back to the Windows 8 design, they can say told you so,” one user wrote on the Microsoft Community forums. “We've been requesting this feature since Preview. Plus, it was the start menu, not the start button that we wanted and MS only give us the useless start button? Now, we want it gone. How hard can that be?” another one adds, asking for Microsoft to bring a feature to completely disable the 8.1 button.

Others, on the other hand, want the tech giant to continue work on the Start screen, as they find the Start Menu replacement a much more helpful feature. Microsoft has been saying the same thing for months, but the company has tried to show customers that it really cares about their opinions by bringing back a rather basic Start button. “I didn't ask for the start menu back, I think the start screen is better. You have all the wrong ideas about what i want. I want the start button gone! Why is it so hard to remove that darn useless thing? Windows 8 was so much better!” one user noted.

Windows 8.1's Start button only gets users to the Start screen
Image credits to Microsoft


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