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Aug 22, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 Comparison Shots

A retailer in Japan has obtained the “champagne” version of the iPhone 5S lacking a display, electronics, buttons, and the radio windows on the back.

OK, so they didn’t actually get their hands on the iPhone 5S, but rather the chassis. However, what’s interesting about it is that it sports that rumored “champagne” color that the phone is set to ship with. In addition to “champagne,” the iPhone 5S will probably also ship in black and white, as the iPhone 5 does today. Weekly Ascii has released some comparison shots of the 5S enclosure next to the current-generation iPhone 5 (gallery below). Reportedly obtained from Japanese retailer Moumantai, the images show that the new color is consistent with the existing chromatics (if we can call black and white a color palette), and seems to support claims that the phone won’t actually be golden, as previously rumored.

Coloring aside, the phone’s ports and connectors haven’t been repositioned, while the screen size will match that of the iPhone 5 (4 inches on the diagonal), going by the near-identical design. Reportedly, Apple will discontinue the iPhone 5 when it deploys its new iPhones on September 10, but not because of the iPhone 5S. Replacing the iPhone 5 – which has been troublesome for many customers – is the plastic-encased iPhone 5C. Apple is basically repackaging the iPhone 5 making it cheaper, both for end customers and for its own production lines. While the iPhone 5C will probably bring nothing too extraordinary to the table (except for the option to buy it in more than two colors), the iPhone 5S is reportedly set to introduce several new features, including a fingerprint sensor (underneath its Home button) and a dual LED flash next to the rear camera.

The 5S will also be the one to get an updated processor. One prominent analyst has been quoted as saying that the A7 chip destined for the iPhone 5S will be 20 percent faster, as well as smaller than its predecessor (the A6).

 "Champagne" iPhone 5S chassis

 "Champagne" iPhone 5S chassis compared to iPhone 5 (black and white models)
Images credits to moumantai via Weekly ASCII


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