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Aug 21, 2013

Jolla’s First Batch of Sailfish Smartphones Now Fully Booked

Today, Jolla announced that the first production batch of Jolla smartphones, which are based on the Sailfish operating system, has been fully booked by the company’s customers and selected sales channels.

The first Sailfish OS-based handset was launched at the #JollaLoveDay event in May, when the online pre-order campaign for it also kicked off. According to the company, the campaign reached first batch limit sometime in mid-July, with pre-orders for the device placed from 136 countries around the world. However, considering the increased interest that the mobile operating system and devices powered by it enjoy, Jolla is set to kick off a new set of pre-orders this fall. “We are delighted to see this great worldwide interest towards our very first device. When you see someone wearing an ‘I am the First One’ T-shirt, you see a proud future owner of Jolla,” says Tomi Pienimäki, CEO of Jolla. “For those, who missed the first opportunity, we are now doing our best to offer a second chance, a new batch of Jolla smartphones later in the autumn.”

“I encourage everyone interested in Jolla to sign up at jolla.com and be the first to know about any new developments, such as the opening of the next pre-sales campaign,” he also said. According to Jolla, the first smartphone should start shipping to customers before the end of this year, and users in Europe will be the first to receive it. Furthermore, the company notes that the Jolla phone production program is advancing as planned, and that sales of the smartphone will kick off in Finland. There, the device will be available on the network of wireless carrier DNA, which was the very first operator in the world to announce plans to offer Jolla smartphones. However, as The Next Web notes, the company has not provided specific info on how many Sailfish handsets have been pre-ordered so far.

Jolla's Sailfish smartphone now fully booked
Image credits to Jolla


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