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Sep 5, 2013

New Leak May Confirm Biometric iPhone 5S Home Button

A new leak from the now-famous Sonny Dickson seems to confirm that Apple will indeed equip the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor underneath the phone’s Home button.

Sonny and his Aussie buds over at sonnydickson.com have gotten their mitts on “dozens of sharp high-res images of the iPhone 5S home button hardware.” Both the physical button and the flex cable connecting the part to the logic board sport “a remarkably different design when compared to the iPhone 5 home button – and even previous supposed 5S part leaks,” according to Sonny. The well connected Australian teenager, who has been making quite a few headlines with his gold iPhone leaks as of late, is convinced this hardware confirms the rumored biometric fingerprint scanner for this year’s iPhone refresh.

The square-shaped bulk present on the flex cable is rumored to be new hardware related to the fingerprint sensing technology in the phone. A thorough analysis of the hardware would probably confirm whether or not this is indeed the case, and I’m surprised no one has been able to get this part in the hands of iFixit.

Sonny Dickson tweet
Image credits to @SonnyDickson on Twitter

iPhone 5S Home button and flex cable
Image credits to Sonny Dickson


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