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Sep 3, 2013

The Google Play Store Is Full of Unicorns Easter Egg, If You Know Where to Look

Google is famed for its Easter Eggs, so much so that they've become a tradition. In fact, a product without Easter Eggs would be the real surprise at this point. Most recently, it had a lot of fun with YouTube, where several imaginative Easter Eggs were unveiled during Geek Week.

Most of them still work and among those, there is a stream of ponies riding along the page, if you know how to find them. Google has a similar pony Easter Egg in Hangouts. In the Google Play Store, Google didn't go with ponies, but didn't venture too far either. If you do a search, i.e. click the search button, but don't enter anything into the search box, you'll get results for unicorns.

Books about unicorns, apps about unicorns, even devices with unicorns, no matter how strange that seems.

Unicorns on GooglePlayStore


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