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Sep 9, 2013

Windows 8.1 to Get Aero Effects via Third-Party App

As we all found out when Windows 8.1 RTM got leaked, Microsoft is planning to stick to the flat UI integrated into Windows 8, so there’s no chance to see Aero coming back.

The developer who created Aero Glass for Windows 8, on the other hand, is working on a similar application that would bring transparency on 8.1 as well, thus providing adopters of the new operating system with a much more familiar look. While the program is currently in private beta testing, a public build is very likely to be launched by October when Microsoft is said to unveil the final version of the operating system. Unsurprisingly, the transparency effect is one of the features that users missed the most when Windows 8 was officially unveiled. Here’s what some of our users posted a few months ago:

“I got another reason to not to install Windows 8.”
“I love Windows XP but I really like the glass UI of Windows 7. The flat ‘Metro’ look is disappointing.”
“The Windows 8 UI gets uglier and remains as un-useable as ever for users with mouse and keyboard or multiple monitors.”
“Start button, Start Menu and Aero glass have to come back if MS wants me to upgrade to Windows 8.”

The flat design implemented into Windows 8, on the other hand, seems to have started a completely new trend in the IT world, with many more companies migrating towards a similar design concept. The iOS 7 design, for example, is also getting flat, while Mozilla has recently redesigned the Firefox icon to better fit the new trend. Microsoft seems to be quite pleased with this, even though Windows 8 is yet to post record sales, so the company has absolutely no intention to reintroduce Aero as a built-in feature in the next Windows versions.

The app is currently in private beta testing
Image credits to Big Muscle


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