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Oct 23, 2013

Impactics Haswell Fanless NUC Case

Intel's Core-series of CPUs were made for mid-to-high-end PCs, but there are those who make mini PCs with them. FanlessTech decided to help.

Intel itself has a mini PC ready to accept its Haswell line of CPUs (fourth-generation Core-series). Called NUC, Next Unit of Computing, it is small and shaped like a block. Almost cube-like. The chassis, in this case, plays more than just the role of pretty skin. In fact, it does most of the cooling. Impactics has now created a case that can make it unnecessary for the CPU to have even a fan of its own.

More specifically, the new NUC case can take Intel's D54250WYK motherboard, complete with Intel Core i5-4250U processors (dual-core, up to 2.60 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) and fanlessly keep the heat off them. The reference case has a lateral-blower fan that can get really noisy, so Impactics may get quite a few buyers.

Impactics NUC Case
Images credits to Fanlesstech


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