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Oct 28, 2013

Li-Fi LED-Based Tech Reaches Wireless Speeds of 10Gbps

The primary colors are red, yellow and blue, but for electronics, they become red, green and blue, and it is those three colors that experts in “Li-Fi” technology used to achieve their latest milestone.

Li-Fi is the term people have started to use to refer to wireless transmissions achieved through visible light. It's Wi-Fi, but using the visual electromagnetic spectrum. The range of wavelengths that don't pass through walls, sadly. Still, that disadvantage can be offset by sheer data transferring potential. On that note, UK researchers have moved data via Li-Fi, through use of a micro-LED light bulb, at 10 Gbps (BBC report).

It's all thanks to the fact that white light can be broken down into red, green and blue (RGB). Each primary color achieves 3.5 Gbps. If ever there was a chance to use all lights in the world to form a wireless networking system, it's now.

Li-Fi illustrated
Images credits to Photonics.ac.uk


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