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Oct 8, 2013

Motorola Plans Droid Ultra Successor and a 6.3’’ Xplay Phone

Mobile phone maker Motorola is reportedly getting ready to enter the segment of large smartphones with a device of its own, one that will supposedly feature a 6.3-inch touchscreen.

The mobile phone is said to feature the name of Xplay and might arrive on the market sometime in 2014. If this is true, it will be one of the largest smartphones out there, that’s for sure. However, it appears that this is only one of the new devices that Motorola is working on. The company is also said to be planning the release of a successor to its Droid Ultra smartphone.

The only thing that appears to be known at the moment on this device is the fact that it will feature the name of Droid Quantum. The info comes from Weibo user Houdabao who, as PhoneArena notes, proved right before, when it came to leaked Moto X details.

Motorola to launch 6.3-inch smartphone next year
Image credits to Motorola


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