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Oct 9, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1320 Photo Leaked

One of the smartphones that Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has been recently rumored to plan on bringing to the market is the Nokia Lumia 1320, which can allegedly be seen in the photo attached to this post.

The photo emerged on Twitter via @Ctechcn and shows Verizon Wireless’ logo on the front of the device, though rumor has it that the phone won’t be launched at this carrier. In fact, MyNokiaBlog notes that Lumia 1320 might prove to be the international version of the Lumia 929 that was spotted online a while back, which would explain the aforementioned carrier branding on it.

Furthermore, the two devices appear to be identical, though there are some UI changes in Lumia 1320 when compared to Lumia 929. Hopefully, Nokia will offer some more info on this soon, so keep an eye on this space for additional details.

Allegedly leaked Lumia 1320 photo
on Twitter


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