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Oct 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Feature 14nm 64-Bit Exynos CPU

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics is expected to announce a new flagship Android-based smartphone in January next year, and some more info on it has reportedly emerged online.

According to the latest reports on the matter, coming from DDaily, the new device will feature a 14nm Exynos processor from Samsung, with 64-bit support packed inside. Furthermore, as SamMobile notes, the processor will feature ARM’s big.LITTLE octa-core configuration with Cortex-A53/A57 cores, and will need online half the power that Exynos 5420 uses at the moment.

Apparently, Samsung is on track to have the first sample units ready for this year, and it will launch Galaxy S5 with the chip inside. However, provided that Galaxy S5 is launched in January, it might not include this processor (supposedly part of the Exynos 6 series), as Samsung won’t have enough time to develop the device around it.

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Image credits to Samsung


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