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Nov 3, 2013

Microsoft Silently Blocks Jailbreaking in Windows RT 8.1

Microsoft rolled out Windows RT 8.1 last month to bring a lot of improvements for devices running Windows RT, but also to block a jailbreaking method found earlier this year.

While Redmond hasn’t talked publicly about it, it appears that jailbreaking is no longer possible after deploying Windows RT 8.1, with the people behind the original project now claiming to be working on a new method to bypass the new restrictions. The Windows RT jailbreak made it possible to run unsigned code on ARM devices, including Microsoft’s own Surface RT, even though Microsoft warned that such a thing would create major security risks for all users.

The jailbreak obviously opened a completely new world for owners of Windows RT devices, as several large developer communities joined forces not only to tweak more apps to run on hacked devices, but also to make it possible to launch desktop apps on RT tablets.

Jailbreaking isn't possible anymore on Windows RT 8.1
Image credits to Microsoft


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